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Letter: Americans hope Trump will break the status quo

Americans hope Trump will break the status quo

President Barack Obama’s administration left us better off than with the financial disaster he inherited. But it is still a far cry from FDR’s administration, which made a point of hiring photographers to publicize the plight of our nation’s destitute, instead of continuing to make them invisible after they exhaust their unemployment benefits.

With the lip service given to blacks, unions and minorities, where’s the beef? Instead of New Deal principles, Democrats have been delivering institutionalized Reaganomics in perpetuity, sprinkled with inappropriate government interference redefining marriage and meddling with related religious restrictions and issues. The Affordable Care Act has made health care less affordable for many of us.

Use of the terms “undocumented,” to differentiate immigrants from illegal invaders, and “free trade,” to describe the supply-side trade scheme, are the real “deplorables.” Fake news, the Electoral College and foreign espionage have been around a long time. When will those who lost the last presidential election finally face up to the real reasons American voters chose to try the wild card, instead of continuing the status quo?

Democrats need a return to compassion in representing American citizens instead of disenfranchising them in favor of foreign nationals and special interests, before their “happy days are here again.”

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park

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