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Letter: We’ve all made mistakes because we’re all human

We’ve all made mistakes because we’re all human

Fifteen years ago, I did business with Carl Paladino and he was tough but fair. He did as he said he would. He has an excellent reputation in the business world. Paladino is also human. Part of being human is acting before thinking of the effects on the world around us. Once something is said or an act is performed, it cannot be undone. Our ego or self is part of the process involved in making a decision and it is certainly not the most reliable.

I believe we were put on this earth to learn to love, cherish and look out for one another. A big part of this is to learn to think before we act. We have all been guilty of this. The old adage that we are our own worst enemy rings true more often than we wish.

What I am advocating is that we teach students to think before they act. We have a wonderful school system loaded with bright, innovative people. Paladino is the perfect one to spearhead the project. He has experienced the downside of speaking without thinking.

Bill Little


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