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Letter: Trump loves America, let’s give him a chance

Trump loves America, let’s give him a chance

I often wonder why anyone would want to be president of the United States. It is a life-changing responsibility. I think we all know why Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wanted that position. But what about Donald Trump? Because he wants power? He already has that in what he has achieved as a businessman in his lifetime. To have the privilege of living in the White House and flying in Air Force One? He doesn’t need that either because he has so much upscale property and his own plane. To earn money as president? No, he doesn’t need it. Besides, he said he’ll work for $1 a year.

So, folks, back to my question: Why? Well, it’s obvious to me that Trump truly cares about his country. Look at the many changes he has to make in his personal life. Oh, my goodness, he has a lot of faults! But he did win the election fair and square, as Clinton so eloquently reminded everyone in her inspiring concession speech. With grace and dignity she and Bill will attend today’s inauguration regardless of how painful this is going to be for her.

And I pray that all liberals will honor Clinton by stopping this foolishness of opposing our next president and instead support him as she asked us to do. They need to take defeat with the same grace and dignity and deal with the pain of losing as she is. Those congressmen who choose to not be present remind me of my playmates on the playground who, when they couldn’t have their way, took their little red wagons and went home in a huff. Seriously?

Will Trump make America great again? Wait and see. You just might be surprised.

Delphine Levesque


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