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Letter: Republicans’ silence on Paladino says a lot

Republicans’ silence on Paladino says a lot

Carl Paladino has been a scion of the Erie County GOP for years. Republicans have supported him for governor, been proud of his representation of Erie County Republicans with Donald Trump and allowed him to raise funds and guide them for many years. He is their man.

Yet the hierarchy and members have been eerily quiet about his comments. Do the Republicans approve of those comments or do they denounce the comments? I don’t know because publicly they have failed to take a stand.

Perhaps they do not “get” how racist and hurtful those comments were, and feel no need to take any stand at all.

I am a non-black woman parenting a black young man. He has grown to be considerate, compassionate, hardworking and intelligent.

Those comments caused pain and anger to our black community, and especially to young people, both black and white. Because what Paladino said was that no matter how well educated you become, or how hard you work, no matter how successful you are, white people still feel they can tell a black person to go back to Africa with the apes. When you read Paladino’s “humor,” that is what he said. And that is the only voice of the Erie County GOP that we have heard.

So it appears that someone in the hierarchy of the party feels OK saying these things about a black person. No one else is saying otherwise. And if the people in power won’t speak out when it is inconvenient, or about one of their own, then any claim to being a party that will support equal rights and oppose racism is merely empty words.

Kathleen M. McDonald


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