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Letter: Jury duty presents a hardship for many

Jury duty presents a hardship for many

How excited can I possibly be? Another jury summons! This will be my third time in 25 years. Boring. Useless. I know people who would love to serve on a jury. They never get called. I do. I hate it. Our judicial system is flawed. My opinion: Time is wasted listening to and disregarding testimony.

In the past two proceedings, I was capable (read: much younger) of attending jury duty selection as well as the trial. But I just turned 60. My lifestyle has changed, as well as my body’s capabilities.

I am responsible for looking after my two grandchildren, ages 5 and 7. The jury summons does not accept this as grounds for permanent exclusion. Huh? My grandkids anticipate me being here when the bus drops them off. Jury duty dictates that it would not be a “hardship” to put them in after-school care. Jury duty doesn’t offer up the cash to do so. Seriously, this is a joke.

Julie Czosek Iarocci

West Seneca

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