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Letter: Collins continues to be embarrassment to WNY

Collins continues to be embarrassment to WNY

Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, a hero of the civil rights movement and longtime public servant, recently said that Donald Trump’s presidency was “illegitimate.” He didn’t say the election itself was illegitimate, just that Russian interference was so intense in the lead-up to the election that it brought the campaign process into question. Lewis has a right to his opinion but since he is a person of high repute, his soft-spoken words must have abraded the famously thin skin of the president.

This set loose a busy little bevy of Trump protectors, including area congressman Chris Collins. There was Collins on TV, using an obviously snotty tone of voice, and calling Lewis a “pouter” and a “spoiled child” because he dared to utter an opposing view. Collins’ graceless moment of schadenfreude is not atypical for him, apparently even when he wins, but it continues to be an embarrassment for those of us in his district who wish he’d stop acting like a spoiled child himself.

Judith Geer


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