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Letter: The GOP has no plan to improve health care

The GOP has no plan to improve health care

There is general agreement that the Affordable Care Act has flaws. We humans are not capable of perfection. My concern is the way that the new Congress and President-elect Donald Trump’s administration are going to address the problems.

The Republicans had control of the Senate and the House of Representatives from January 2003 through December 2006 while President George W. Bush was in office. During this time they were unable or unwilling to pass any health care legislation. Once the Democrats came into power, they wasted no time in passing the ACA in March 2010. Since then, the Republicans have constantly criticized the ACA but made no attempt to work with President Obama to improve it.

Now, there seems to be a great urgency to replace the ACA with another plan that doesn’t even exist. What have these people been doing since 2003? I’d be willing to bet that whatever they come up with, the insurance companies will be happy.

Paul J. Nowak


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