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City Hallways (Jan. 18) Fillmore bike lanes to extend to Seneca

Biking down Fillmore

There's a new procedure in City Hall when it comes to bike lanes.

From now on, the city Public Works Department will be presenting bike lane plans to the city Planning Board for review before any changes are made.

That's what happened Tuesday when city engineer Mike Finn presented plans for Fillmore Avenue.

The city plans to add bike lanes to Fillmore from William to Seneca streets, Finn told the planners.

There are already bike lanes on Fillmore from Sycamore to William, so this will bring them all the way to Seneca, he said.

The bike lanes won't change the driving or parking patterns, Finn said.

When the bike lane is added, he said,  the vehicle traffic lanes will both be 11 feet wide. The bike lanes will be six feet wide.

Bicycles are, by state law, allowed on the roadways, but the designated lanes make the streets safer for bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers, according to the  city's Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board.

Congrats to all

Some police promotions Tuesday. Officers Deidre L. Carswell and Kelly M. Craig promoted to lieutenant; Officers Michael A. Bennett, William Johnson, Jennifer D.  Whitaker and Lance Woods promoted to detective.

Today's calendar items:
Zoning  board meets  today.

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