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New WUTV sub-channel coming aimed at millenials

Inquiring minds want to know: What exactly is WUTV doing with its sub-channel 29.2?

The main channel, 29.1, recently has been running promos saying that the sub-channel 29.2 soon will be carrying something called “TBD.” It reportedly features web series, short films and music and video content  aimed at millennials.

Nick Magnini, the general manager of the two local stations owned by Sinclair Broadcasting, WUTV and WNYO, said he hopes “TBD” will be available within the new few weeks.

He said it will replace The Country Network videos that have been running on 29.2.

Here’s what the “TBD” website says about itself: “You love TV. And you love the internet. So you’re definitely gonna love TBD: a new free broadcast network that combines the best of both worlds. We handpick the most entertaining stuff from the most creative creators and put it on your TV for a new adventure every day. Everything from culinary capers, jaw-dropping action, hilarious pranks and comedy, music, fitness, gaming, or just random awesomeness that you never knew you needed in your life. If it’s what’s new or what’s next, it’s on TBD.”

Sinclair uses the extra bandwidth of its two primary channels here to carry multiple free over-the-air sub-channels that carry national advertising. Grit TV (29.3) features westerns, American Sports Network (49.2) features sports, Comet TV (49.3) is a science fiction channel and Get TV (49.4) features old television shows and movies.


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