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From the Home Front: Five trends for 2017

By now you’ve likely heard that Greenery – the yellow-green color named by Pantone as its Color of the Year – is expected to be big. But what other home decor trends are forecasters predicting for 2017?

Here are just five that popped out at us:

1. Butterflies. Who doesn’t love butterflies? If trend-forecasters have it right, you can expect to see more butterfly motifs in home decor – on wallcoverings, fabrics, dinnerware, accent rugs, decorative accessories and more. Butterflies are included in the list of “10 Home Trends that Will Shape Your House in 2017” posted online by Elle Decor.

“Butterflies are increasingly appearing as a buoyant, happy motif in home design ... A symbol of both grace and optimism, the butterfly is no longer designated to children’s rooms,” wrote Kelsey Kloss, associate web editor.

Pier 1 features butterflies on pillows, melamine dinnerware and decorative accessories. We also spotted Jeweled Monarch wallcoverings in several colors in the Urban Chic collection from York, above, and Sketched Butterflies Wallpaper by Lulie Wallace on Expect more sightings as spring and gardening season approaches.

2. Tasseled accessories. Sure they can be cute but also quite sophisticated. On an Architectural Digest online feature called “17 Things to Buy for Your Home in 2017,” author Hadley Keller had this to say about them: “We’ve always loved tassels and pom-poms, but they’ve been taken more seriously in the design world as of late, popping up on everything from baskets to shower curtains.”

Keller’s tip: If you’re hesitant, go for something that features the detail in a more muted tone.”

3. Vintage china. This is another pick from Keller – but one I always think about around the holidays when I dig deep into my cabinets for pieces that have been in the family for decades. Then I scold myself: Why just use them once or twice a year? Especially since they coordinate so well with our newer things.

Keller had this suggestion for those who may not have any inherited pieces: “Now that we’ve established that mixing china patterns is a resounding design do, track down some vintage pieces at your local flea market or antiques store to mix in with your existing dinnerware.”

Copper is on trend for 2017. Above, the black/copper coffee table was introduced as part of the Modern by Dwell Magazine collection for Target.

4. Copper. Maybe brass and gold were the shining stars of 2016, so now it’s copper’s turn – at least as some forecasters suggest. It’s often used as an accent, including as seen on the Modern by Dwell Magazine coffee table from Target (, $149.99), available in a black/copper finish.

5. Green sofas (and chairs). Or specifically hunter or emerald and did we mention velvet? The Architectural Digest, Apartment Therapy and other websites have called attention to green sofas and chairs.

Arlyn Hernandez, design editor for Apartment Therapy, even recently called green the new navy when it comes to sofa color choices. She wrote this about the dark green sofa: “It still packs the same glam jewel-toned punch, but introduces an unexpected earthiness and warmth that blue just can’t touch. Perhaps it’s an echo to our recent plant obsessions, a craving for natural elements (ideal for those with black thumbs like me!)”

This is just a start, of course, but the year is young.



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