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Letter: Conservancy should move quickly on Gaughan’s plan

Conservancy should move quickly on Gaughan’s plan

Progress on Kevin Gaughan’s plan for Buffalo’s Olmsted parks has been slow, but steady, as shown by the conservancy’s recent endorsement of his efforts. Public bodies like the conservancy aren’t known for rapid decisions. Its responsibility to maintain Olmsted’s spaces is a serious one. So Gaughan was smart to craft his proposal to restore South Park’s arboretum and shrink Delaware Park’s golf course, to sync with the conservancy’s long-range desires.

What should inspire the conservancy to move quickly now, and fully support his work, is Gaughan’s success in persuading Jack Nicklaus to help make this vision a reality. Nicklaus’ willingness to design new public golf courses and to help raise funds for a proposed education center separate this tangible plan from the conservancy’s talked-about hopes.

Finally, even if the conservancy remains unconvinced, by now it probably realizes what reform-resistant politicians have come to understand: Gaughan’s perseverance, combined with an innovative plan to continue lifting Buffalo, is difficult to resist.

Valerie Stites


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