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Vic Carucci's Week 17 Power Poll

(Through Monday’s game. Last week’s ranking in parentheses)


  1. New England Patriots. Go ahead and crown them. No one is going to stop this team from winning the Super Bowl. (1)


  1. Dallas Cowboys. They’ve been an amazing story with their two exceptional rookies, and they’ll likely get to that big dance … but they won’t win. (2)


  1. Oakland Raiders. So sad to see Derek Carr unable to finish a magical season because of a broken leg. His team will feel every bit as much pain. (3)


  1. Kansas City Chiefs. These guys continue to be sneaky good. No one raves about Alex Smith, but he just keeps winning. (4)


  1. Atlanta Falcons. You have to think this team will pose a threat to the Cowboys. (5)


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers. Maybe they aren’t the Super Bowl team many of us expected, but they’ll be a factor in the postseason. (6)


  1. Seattle Seahawks. Russell Wilson says this team isn’t “far off at all,” but it’s hard to see them hopping over the Cowboys, Falcons or even the Packers. (8)


  1. Green Bay Packers. With Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson, these guys continue to look extremely dangerous. (9)


  1. Miami Dolphins. Yes, they did what was necessary to score a rare win in Orchard Park, but they mostly benefitted from the Bills’ bungling. (10)


  1. New York Giants. Eli Manning probably needs to play Sunday just to find some sort of groove entering the playoffs. (11)


  1. Houston Texans. Another postseason, another ultra-shaky quarterback situation. (20)


  1. Detroit Lions. It’s hard to see a team that has had to live on fourth-quarter miracles beating the Packers to win the NFC North. (12)


  1. Washington Redskins. Lots of pressure on these guys to take care of business vs. the Giants. (16)


  1. Tennessee Titans. Sad to see Marcus Mariota end an impressive second season with a broken leg. (13)


  1. Baltimore Ravens. Leaning too heavily on a solid defense was only able to get them so far. (7)


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Although he’s healthy, 2015 top overall pick Jameis Winston has not had the kind of season that No. 2 choice Mariota had. (14)


  1. Denver Broncos. Amazingly, the Broncos appear to be allowing defensive coordinator Wade Phillips to become a free agent. (15)


  1. Minnesota Vikings. Can’t blame Teddy Bridgewater for trying to look on the bright side of missing the whole season with a devastating knee injury. (17)


  1. Buffalo Bills. Counting interims, they’re on their ninth head coach during The Drought. (18)


  1. Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz has a promising future. (19)


  1. Cincinnati Bengals. Marvin Lewis insists he isn’t retiring or otherwise walking away from his contract. Bengals? Your move. (21)


  1. San Diego Chargers. Yes, you became that team. (22)


  1. Carolina Panthers. The season is defined by Cam Newton showing he’s capable of being as bad as he was this season after his MVP performance in 2015. (23)


  1. Indianapolis Colts. Is a clean sweep coming with a new coach and new GM? (24)


  1. New Orleans Saints. Michael Thomas closing in on 1,000 receiving yards. Too bad Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are muting all other rookie performances. (25)


  1. Arizona Cardinals. This has been a very tough season on Bruce Arians. Does he really want another one? (26)


  1. Los Angeles Rams. The “real” season begins when the Rams stop playing and figure out who will be their next head coach. (27)


  1. Chicago Bears. Looking like John Fox will survive. (28)


  1. New York Jets. Hard to believe Todd Bowles just might survive as head coach. (29)


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars. Biggest offseason question: Can Blake Bortles be salvaged? (30)


  1. San Francisco 49ers. The chatter in the Bay Area is about candidates to replace GM Trent Baalke. Hard to see Chip Kelly sticking around as well. (31)


32. Cleveland Browns. Lots of tears over getting that first win last week. Most of them from fans fearing they’ll blow the top overall pick. (32)

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