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Curing Buffalo Bills' blues with musical theater

There are infinite ways to express your disappointment with the Buffalo Bills now 17-year playoff drought.

You can scream. You can cry. You can drink.

Or, like Rochester native Jennie Fagen, you can funnel your frustration into one of the most powerful coping tools known to Western civilization: musical theater.

That's just what Fagen did in this clever adaptation of a famous Rodgers and Hammerstein song from "The Sound of Music":

The scientific literature about the effect of musical theater on a NFL team's playoff chances is slim. But, if anything, this musical message to the beleaguered Bills is sure to buoy fans who live in the tiny venn diagram overlap between football fandom and musical theater mania.

And for those who prefer the certainty of a happy ending to the unpredictable but almost always disappointing outcome of a Bills season, "The Sound of Music" is coming to Shea's Performing Arts Center from March 28 to April 2.

Here's the original, from the 1965 film:


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