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Letter: Let’s stop making excuses for Trump’s awful behavior

Let’s stop making excuses for Trump’s awful behavior

For many decades, the idea and practice that good moral example was the bedrock of quality human life. All this changed with the election of Donald Trump. His campaign has taught our children that lying, cheating, molesting and belittling are the stuff of success in business and politics. Religious leaders and the electronic media stood by as he made a mockery of moral life.

From the moment he made his announcement to run, he was given widespread press and little true investigation. Many excuses were made for his lack of historical and political knowledge. Some religious leaders claim that even very bad people can do good things. Now that we are faced with his presidency and a terrible set of Cabinet picks, more breaks are given to Trump. He doesn’t like to read but he does listen. The security briefings are not really necessary. He makes calls to foreign leaders and gives thoughtless advice. Imagine if a moderate Republican or Democratic leader did this?

In all of this, the looming bad example of a president who did his best to avoid the draft, take the easy road of business bankruptcy and unceasingly berated women for their looks is now about to take the reins of the U.S. government. Trump is already heading into the lowest ranks of the presidential pantheon. Here comes Trump: Hide the women and children!

Joseph M. Yonder


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