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Letter: Americans haven’t learned many lessons from history

Americans haven’t learned many lessons from history

President-elect Donald Trump intends to “double down” on his plan for a nationwide registry of Muslims living in the United States of America. I find Trump’s intentions so contemptuous and so odious that I feel compelled to respond.

As a 68-year-old atheist, white male, with health issues, I am unable to join the young and my more energetic generational compatriots in the streets to protest this outrageous assault on American principles of “justice and liberty for all.” Have we not learned any of the lessons from the horrific internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II? Have we not learned that plans of this nature only lead to resentment and more hatred and cause people to do things they would not have otherwise contemplated? Have Americans not learned any lessons at all?

Anyway, the only response I can come up with will be to go down to the “registry office” and register as a Muslim. One’s religious affiliation, after all, is a question of beliefs. As far as I know, no religious body issues identity cards and I know of no way to differentiate an atheist from a Muslim, Jew, Catholic or born-again Christian.

I urge my fellow Americans to follow the example of the Greek gladiator Spartacus and stand up to be counted among those Americans of Muslim faith.

Bruce L. Beyer


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