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Rex Ryan didn't think Jerry Hughes bumping Dolphins coach was a big deal (video)

Dolphins players told Miami reporters after Saturday's game that they were upset with Bills linebacker Jerry Hughes for head butting special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi during an altercation on the sideline.

Asked Monday what he thought of the incident, Bills coach Rex Ryan didn't seem to think it was a big deal.

"I never saw it on tape. I’m aware of that being out there but I never saw it on tape," Ryan said. " ... I’ll be honest, when guys start flying around, I’ve been hit before. So I think anything’s possible in that situation, but whether he ends up head butting somebody on purpose, I think that would be, that’s almost hard to believe."

The incident started after Bills kicker Dan Carpenter put a big hit on returner Jakeem Grant near the sideline and then stood over him at the Dolphins bench. Several players got involved in the shoving match before Hughes and Rizzi came together.

Take a look for yourself. Hughes is No. 55. Rizzi is wearing the orange hat.

Rizzi seemed taken back by the bump but wasn't injured. There were no penalties on the play.

Hughes has been cited for head butting at least once before, earning a fine of more than $8,000 for the act after the Bills' 2015 game against the Giants.

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