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Referee: Head linesman didn't hear Rex call timeout before tying kick

Why weren't the Buffalo Bills able to get a timeout called before Andrew Franks' tying 55-yard field goal with six seconds left in regulation of their 34-31 overtime loss against the Miami Dolphins?

Referee Craig Wrolstad, in talking with yours truly as the designated Pro Football Writers of America pool reporter, explained that head linesman Mark Hittner never heardĀ Bills coach Rex Ryan call the timeout.

"The guy on the sideline who was standing next to (Ryan) said that (Ryan) had not called timeout before the snap," Wrolstad said. "That is why they were not allowed a timeout. ... So he called timeout evidently after the ball was snapped or that is when our guy heard him or acknowledged him after the snap."

Wrolstad also said the attempted timeout call was not reviewable.

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