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Letter: We have to love all people, including unborn children

We have to love all people, including unborn children

I was moved by The News article on “the most unloved people on earth.” Certainly the plight of these refugees and “internally displaced persons” tears at our heart and the fabric of our very humanity. I would recommend support for these forgotten people through such organizations as Catholic Relief Services and the Jesuit Refugee Service, which do incredible work. I would encourage people to write to the new Congress urging the United States to welcome and support more of our struggling brothers and sisters from these countries.

I would urge any of those fellow members in the worldwide pro-life community to realize it is not enough just to work to prevent such people as these from being aborted, but there are also slow ways of being “aborted” after birth, as these refugees and “internally displaced persons” sadly demonstrate.

Finally, I believe “the most unloved people on earth” are preborn children. It is estimated that there are 40 million to 50 million abortions each year in our world. That means that 125,000 developing human lives are taken each day through abortion. Without the right to life, none of the other rights will take place, including even the right to migrate and have one’s basic human needs met.

The Rev. Jim Hewes


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