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Letter: Trump’s behavior evokes thoughts of Bizarro World

Trump’s behavior evokes thoughts of Bizarro World

I would like to congratulate those who voted for President-elect Donald Trump and are now reveling in their victory.

As for me, though, reality has succumbed to fantasy. I feel as if I have been pulled through the looking glass and am about to enter a rabbit hole similar to that which Alice in Wonderland once traveled.

Fairy tales now have substance. Trump can be viewed as a modern-day Pied Piper, blindly being followed by hordes of hopeful citizens marching to their doom to the beat of his greatest country hits such as “Make America Great Again,” “Let’s Drain the Swamp” and “We’ll Build that Wall but they’ll Pay for It.”

Trump even brings to life the Bizarro World of the Superman comic book franchise. Everything in the Bizarro World was opposite that of Superman’s world. Up was down, in was out, and right was left. Bizarro even twisted the English language. Instead of “I’m hungry” or “I’m tired,” Bizarro would say “me hungry” or “me tired.”

Trump seems to be a pretty good English language twister himself, and many of his Cabinet picks are purely Bizarro-like. Secretary of State choice Rex Tillerson was awarded the “Order of Friendship” by Vladimir Putin. Secretary of Labor choice Andrew Puzder has suggested that robots were preferable to humans working at fast-food restaurants. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier, was Trump’s pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency. And Rick Perry, the man who called Trump “a cancer on conservatism,” was picked to run the Department of Energy; the very department that Perry famously forgot when listing the three governmental departments that he would eliminate. Quite bizarre, don’t you think?

In the meantime, there are a whole lot of billionaires consolidating power. Me scared!

Robert J. Wegrzynowski


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