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Letter: Restore Central Terminal and expand city’s revival

Restore Central Terminal and expand city’s revival

Politics aside, restoration of the Central Terminal, complemented by a substation at Canalside, would best serve Buffalo’s needs. It’s the only site offering connectivity to other regional and international rail lines, connectivity necessary to generate the ridership required for its financial success. Buffalo’s visitors would be just a short hop to Canalside, HarborCenter and other downtown attractions and hotels.

Equally important, we would restore another Buffalo architectural gem, complementing the growing international recognition of Buffalo’s unique heritage. State and federal dollars have already been identified for the restoration project. A bustling Central Terminal would expand the footprint of downtown’s revival, providing new opportunities for investment and community restoration.

It’s a common-sense solution. Let’s avoid the pitfalls that have forestalled the much-needed sister-span of the Peace Bridge. Let’s get aboard to once again make Buffalo a major east-west transportation hub.

Ray Volpe


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