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Letter: President-elect fills me with uncertainty, hope

President-elect fills me with uncertainty, hope

I have great hope for our country. I have uncertainty that a wall will secure our borders and I have hope that it will never be built. I hope that Donald Trump will not repeal the Affordable Care Act, but I have hope that he will improve it, insure all of our citizens and provide fairly for our dedicated health care givers. I have hope that Trump believes that health care is a right and not a privilege.

I have uncertainty that Trump, who has defamed Mexicans, Muslims, women, Gold Star parents and the honorable Sen. John McCain, can bring us together for the common good of our wonderful country. I have hope that Trump will not race-bait but will support our unequaled, dedicated police and citizens, and denounce the bad apples who give them a bad name.

I have hope that a newly appointed Supreme Court will not be influenced by party ideology but will interpret our Constitution as it is meant to be, with equality, liberty and justice.

I have hope that Trump will improve our infrastructure, but I am uncertain that he can persuade his establishment colleagues. I have hope that Trump will let diplomacy prevail with our allies and our enemies. I have hope that the United States will remain the greatest country in the world.

Barbara R. Balzer

Clarence Center

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