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Letter: Open up Ohio Street when Skyway closes

Open up Ohio Street when Skyway closes

The recent Skyway closure resulted in another traffic nightmare. Certainly, the accidents on the Niagara Thruway and South Park Avenue contributed, but dumping that amount of traffic volume on those streets in inclement weather is sure to result in problems. When the Queen City Landing project is completed, those residents will need access even when the Skyway is closed.

Why not open up Ohio Street as a snow emergency route out of town? Plant a double row of evergreen trees on the exposed portion of Fuhrmann Boulevard and allow traffic to Tifft Street and the Route 5 on ramp to the Father Baker Bridge. That gets traffic to Tifft, Ridge Road and the Hamburg Turnpike. If using Route 5 isn’t possible, replace the bridge that once spanned the Union Ship Canal to make a direct connection to the turnpike. The Army Corps of Engineers installed a temporary bridge there in a matter of days when the Father Baker Bridge was being lowered. This would also allow low-speed access to the Outer Harbor from points south.

These minor changes would benefit not only Southtowns commuters but also the rest of the people trying to get home. Closing the Skyway and just saying “good luck” is simply irresponsible.

Jim Rudnicki

Lake View

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