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Letter: Country’s brave veterans should never be homeless

Country’s brave veterans should never be homeless

As we are celebrating this Christmas season spreading holiday cheer, exchanging greetings and spending time with family and those we love, let us take a moment to remember all our military people and all the sacrifices they have made so we can enjoy our lives and sleep warm and cozy under our “blanket of freedom.”

It is unthinkable in this day and age, in our own warm and cozy community, that some of our service people are living on the streets.

Made in America store donated 100 pairs of socks for Christmas gifts for our homeless vets. The socks were “stuffed” with gift cards and candy canes and a handwritten message of hope. Because of this generosity, some homeless vets know they are thought about and perhaps given hope and a brighter day.

Please, as we wish each other blessings of the season, let’s say our prayers each day that in 2017 and beyond there will not be a need for collections for homeless soldiers.

God bless, and merry Christmas!

Lois Meyers

Word Works Ministries


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