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Letter: Trump restored hope for many Americans

Trump restored hope for many Americans

I don’t get it. Before the election took place, all I heard from both parties is that they wanted to have a “unified” country. The Democrats also were in shock when Donald Trump said that he would have to look at the results of the election before he would accept the outcome. Hillary Clinton was in shock! Where was she when Trump was declared the winner? She couldn’t even show her face to personally thank her supporters who were waiting for her on election night. She had to send John Podesta to speak on her behalf.

Then we have first lady Michelle Obama saying that “hope” is gone now. What? I would think that even if you didn’t like Trump, you would say that we should stand behind him and support him and make sure he did things in the best interest of the country. He isn’t even in office yet; give him the benefit of the doubt.

I have heard nothing but positive remarks coming from Trump on how he wants to help our veterans, create jobs, secure our borders, fix our roads and bridges, improve our schools, support our police force, make things in the inner cities better, deport illegals who are criminals and the list goes on. I don’t know where she came up with this idea of hope being gone when during these last few years I have talked to people who were truly depressed on how things were going. I really believe we needed a change..

Karen Gall


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