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Letter: First lady’s comment is absolutely shameful

First lady’s comment is absolutely shameful

Of all the things that have been said and done during the 2016 election, I find what the first lady said to Oprah Winfrey absolutely terrible. To say that her husband’s presidency was based on hope and in the same breath say, “now we are feeling what not having hope feels like” is very concerning.

Implying that the president-elect offers no hope is outrageous and appalling. What happened to her statement, “when they go low we go high”? Saying that we now have no hope is absolutely shameful.

Maybe she could retract that and say something like this: My husband won the presidency for eight years based on his positive message of hope. Although we’re not happy with the way the election turned out, the president and I hope that the president-elect will continue to keep hope alive and well during his presidency.

Robert DeWitt

East Amherst

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