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Letter: Electoral College was smart plan by founders

Electoral College was smart plan by founders

Thank goodness the Electoral College did what it was designed to do – keep a few large population centers in the country from electing a president by themselves and keep an unqualified person from gaining the office. Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote by about 2.8 million. Think about this: consider just the votes of four boroughs of New York City, two of the most corrupt cities in the country, and the bastion of all that liberals hold dear.

She won four of the five boroughs by a little over 1.5 million votes. Chicago certainly can be trusted to deliver votes to the Democrat, no matter how horrible she/he is. Reliably overwhelmingly Democrat, and corrupt to the very core. Clinton won Chicago by nearly 760,000 votes. The District of Columbia gave her the edge by nearly 290,000 votes. Her edge in San Francisco was nearly 280,000. This gave her a slim national majority. Does anyone really want our election to basically boil down to the wishes of New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco? I know I don’t.

Here’s an even scarier thought. Her margin of victory was 3,446,281 in just the state of California. She could lose the popular vote elsewhere by well over 3 million and still be president. We all owe the writers of the Constitution a heartfelt thank you.

Chuck Godfrey


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