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Letter: Don’t blame messengers; it’s Clinton who’s at fault

Don’t blame messengers; it’s Clinton who’s at fault

Mayor Byron Brown thinks that the Democrats failed to get their message out to the people in last month’s election, so Hillary Clinton failed. Obviously, Sen. Charles Schumer thinks the same. That is the reason that he stated for firing the folks who were charged with getting the message out for Clinton. Former President Bill Clinton blames FBI Director James Comey. Also sharing in the blame for not getting the message out is Huma Abedin.

And I am sure there will be more to blame, very shortly. It appears that the messengers are being blamed when the real reason Clinton failed is that her message itself was defective. It consisted of more of the same, overregulation, higher taxes, more gun control, more abortion and this time, paid for by us taxpayers.

So, listen: The messenger is not at fault. The message is the problem, and it is a huge problem for the Democrats.

Bob Mammoser


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