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Letter: Democrats must stop beating a dead horse

Democrats must stop beating a dead horse

Now that it’s official that Donald Trump will be our next president, let’s put this controversy to bed once and for all about eliminating the Electoral College. Yes, Hillary Clinton got 2.8 million more votes than Trump. However, this discrepancy is only because she won the state of California, which had close to 4 million more voters registered Democrat. Clinton took the state’s 55 electoral delegates. You can’t pad the figures in addition to the delegates. If this was the case, whoever carried California every four years would be almost a slam-dunk to get elected president.

If we eliminated this state, which is impossible but only a comparison, Trump would win by more than 1 million votes the other way. So please, let’s stop beating a dead horse and trying to upset the apple cart to pacify the liberal base over one state that is a melting pot of social programs and lax borders to be the battle cry of the other 49 states.

Anthony Hammill


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