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Letter: Americans had better open their eyes quickly

Americans had better open their eyes quickly

What is it going to take? The hacking into the Democratic National Committee was brought out in the news during the presidential campaign and it ended there. Now that the elections are over, Vladimir Putin got what he worked for, and all the red flags are being raised. Who is fooling whom?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the hacking and leaking done by a foreign government of one person’s or party’s information is a way to search and destroy.

Donald Trump wants no part in the investigation. Why wouldn’t both political parties want an investigation if our intelligence was being compromised?

Trump’s Cabinet is filled with billionaires who do business with Russia and have personal ties with Putin. Is the plan to take Putin on as our ally, only to destroy the friendship of our other allies? If that is the case, it will give Putin the power he has been salivating for.

Trump rarely attends the daily intelligence briefings on national security. Does that not tell you that he is all about the money and not about the country? Have you asked yourself just how much Trump and his family will be worth once he leaves office?

National security is huge for everyone who lives in this country. The writing is on the wall. Are we that blind, or did we just despise the other candidate so much? We should be terrified of where this country is going. This is our children’s and grandchildren’s future we are looking at. Open your eyes!

Kathy Pattison

Gary Pusateri


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