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Jay Skurski's 3 Bills thoughts: Tom Coughlin rumors, Shady-for-Kiko trade, time for a dome

1. It's the most wonderful time of the year ... if you enjoy reading NFL coach rumors. The latest Wednesday, from Pro Football Weekly, has Tom Coughlin as the favorite to replace Rex Ryan as head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Maybe that will end up being the case, but it's certainly odd that the report wasn't credited to a reporter. If true, this would be a massive story -- one that any journalist would want credit for breaking first.

There are other reasons the report doesn't add up. Coughlin is 70. He's a two-time Super Bowl winner. Would he really come to Buffalo and have a general manager forced on him? Any job Coughlin does take would likely require total personnel control. There is also the issue of identifying a new head coach while still employing Ryan. That would be incredibly poor form on the part of Terry and Kim Pegula. Say what you want about Ryan -- he took a top-five defense and basically ruined it -- but he doesn't deserve to have a new coach taking measurements in his office while he's still occupying it. The idea that Coughlin would sign up for something like that, or that the Pegulas would go through with such a plan, seems like a big stretch.

If the report turns out to be true, credit to Pro Football Weekly -- whoever that is.

2. It's accepted that the Bills "won" the LeSean McCoy-for-Kiko Alonso trade, but the former Bills linebacker is having a resurgent season with Miami. He leads the Dolphins with 103 tackles and also has four fumble recoveries, two interceptions and one forced fumble. He's playing through hand and hamstring injuries. Saturday will be his first game back in Buffalo since the trade. Alonso's not the player that McCoy is, which is why the Bills clearly won the trade, but he's not a bust, either.

3. The embarrassingly low ticket prices the last two weeks -- tickets could be had for $6 Thursday morning for Saturday's game -- underscores the need for the Bills' next stadium to have a dome. Yes, the team's mediocre record, unappealing opponent last week and Saturday being Christmas Eve all don't help the attendance. Despite all that being true, it doesn't change  getting 70,000 people to willingly sit outside for five or six hours (counting tailgate time) in the Buffalo winter is a tough sell.

Gone are the days of Marv Levy saying "when it's too tough for them, it's just right for us." There is no discernible home-field advantage for the Bills from the weather. In that case, a dome makes the most sense.

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