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Kaepernick: Buffalo was worst city to me

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was asked Tuesday if he felt his reception varied by the city he was playing in.

That was "very evident," Kaepernick responded. Atlanta was the warmest to him. Buffalo was the worst.

"I think that’s something, to me, that was very evident depending on where we were playing," Kaepernick said. "Atlanta was somewhere where I had a lot of support, a lot of people saying they agree with what I’m doing, support it and are happy that I did it. And to keep going, stay strong.

"And there’s other places where the fans don’t agree as much – Buffalo in particular was one where that was very evident. So it shows the different cultures and different beliefs throughout this country and it also makes it very evident that there’s a difference in perspective between White America and Black America."

Kaepernick was asked what made Buffalo different.

"I think volume, what I heard, things that I saw after the fact as far as in the parking lot, T-shirts, all of those things," he said. "It was very evident that this was something they don’t agree with, which, to me, I don’t understand."

A group of Bills fans knelt during national anthem outside the stadium to show their support for the quarterback who was doing the same on the sideline, but they were a small minority of fans. T-shirts were for sale outside the stadium that featured Kaepernick's torso in the crosshairs of a rifle. Some fans put his jersey on a tackling dummy and repeatedly drove it to the ground.

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After the game, a 45-16 Bills win, linebacker Eli Harold said the treatment Kaepernick received inside the stadium was "just the norm."

"Nothing any different than the San Diego game when this first started," he said. "Nothing different."

But Kaepernick did add in his press conference that at least his death threats were "rare occurrences now."

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