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Letter: We ought to enhance the Electoral College

We ought to enhance the Electoral College

The 2016 presidential election has reopened the debate regarding the elimination of the Electoral College. Many people have proposed moving to a total popular vote to select our president, calling into question the fairness of one candidate receiving in excess of 2.6 million more votes than her opponent, and still losing the election.

I would offer that the Electoral College does not need to be eliminated but rather enhanced so all voters receive some support when the electors cast their votes and finalize the election results.

In the current system, the candidate winning the popular vote by state receives 100 percent of the state’s electoral votes. A candidate receiving just one more vote than his opponent receives all the state’s Electoral College votes in spite of the opponent earning support from 49.9 percent of the state’s voters. This process does not represent the will of all the people and in fact disenfranchises these voters.

I would propose that each candidate split the electoral votes by state in direct proportion to the percentage of the popular vote they receive. This would ensure that all voters have some representation when the electors cast their final votes. It would represent a fairer process, while maintaining the benefits and safeguards that our Founding Fathers created.

This process would not automatically parallel the total national popular vote. It would place some additional emphasis on the total popular vote, but the final results would be dependent upon the variability of total voting by state.

Jim Maher

East Amherst

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