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Letter: Trump presidency fills me with hope

Trump presidency fills me with hope

I have great hope now for our country. I have hope that our borders will be secured. I have hope that the abysmal Obamacare will be repealed and replaced by something that works and is affordable.

I am hopeful that having a national leader, who is willing to acknowledge radical Islam, will have an impact in the world to protect us and others from their hateful influence. I hope that the new presidency will end the race-baiting and support the police. I hope that those Americans who worship the Judeo-Christian God will be able to continue to do so freely. I hope immigrants who enter our country legally will contribute to society and assimilate to our American way.

I am hopeful that newly appointed Supreme Court justices will reflect conservative values. I hope Americans will realize that President-elect Donald Trump is a strong supporter of women, especially in the workplace. I hope the country will realize that securing our borders does not make Trump a racist.

I have hope that Trump will strengthen our economy and decrease our national debt. I hope that our president will no longer be a pushover to other world leaders. I am hopeful that the ridiculousness of “political correctness” will come to an end. I am hopeful that Americans will actually be tolerant of other people. I hope that the Republican president and Republican-controlled House and Senate will be able to work together to make America great again!

William D. Barone, D.O.


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