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Letter: Schneiderman, Becerra will fight for environment

Schneiderman, Becerra will fight for environment

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Rep. Xavier Becerra, the incoming California attorney general, deserve applause when they say they are prepared to protect minorities and the environment in the face of President-elect Donald Trump’s climate denier choice, Scott Pruitt, for heading the Environmental Protection Agency.

For the first time since the election, I felt a sense of security when I heard about their beliefs and actions, and I felt protected against Trump’s fiasco of leadership choices, at least that of the EPA. There is no doubt that Schneiderman and Becerra will uphold their state constitutions. There is doubt that Trump will uphold the U.S. Constitution. His inconsistency, spontaneity, caginess and rhetoric continue to frighten me.

Schneiderman is clear and confident in knowing that his job is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. He knows that the deck is stacked against everyday New Yorkers who work hard and play by the rules. That’s why he locked up corrupt politicians who ripped off taxpayers, prosecuted companies that gouged victims of Hurricane Sandy and took on the big banks that led us into recession. Because he has done this, and plenty more, I feel confident that he will be an ally for the environment, minorities and working class New Yorkers against the billionaires set to run the government.

Becerra, the Democratic Party’s highest-ranking Latino, is leaving his post in Congress to return to California as attorney general. The move sets Becerra up to be a major voice against the Trump administration on a host of hot-button issues, including immigration and climate change.

It is too bad we cannot work together for progress but instead have to be prepared to fight against possible setbacks to the progress made to protect the environment and minorities.

Marguerite Battaglia


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