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Second quarter analysis: Clay touchdown gives life to boring game

Charles Clay caught a 19-yard touchdown with 34 seconds left in the quarter to stretch the Bills’ lead to two possessions. Taylor threw behind his tight end, but Clay made an athletic play to stop his route and dive backward to make the catch. It was Clay’s second touchdown in as many weeks after being shut out for the first 12 games of the season, a career-long touchdown drought.

The rest of the quarter lacked in entertainment value. The Browns had the ball three times and punted twice after going three-and-out before their third possession was ended by halftime. The Bills moved the ball 16 yards on their only other possession before punting.

Browns coach Hue Jackson tried to challenge a play early in the quarter but had trouble finding his challenge flag, which made for a funny video. It would’ve been a very Brownsy challenge, trying to overturn a sack to earn an incomplete pass instead, but the play turned out not to be reviewable.

McCoy running well: LeSean McCoy averaged more than 9 yards per carry in the first half, running 10 times for 91 yards. He led the Bills’ offense that outgained the Browns in the first half, 235-90.

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