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Jay Skurski's Hot Read: Against the terrible Browns, did we learn anything about the Bills?

Here’s a plea to Buffalo Bills fans: Forget about everything you witnessed Sunday.

Nothing that happened during your team’s 33-13 win over the Cleveland Browns at New Era Field matters. The Browns are steamrolling their way to becoming the worst team in NFL history.

LeSean McCoy was excellent in running for 153 yards and a pair of touchdowns on 19 carries – but you already knew how good he was.

Tyrod Taylor was fine in going 17 of 24 for 174 yards and a touchdown, while adding 49 yards on the ground – but you’ve seen games like that from him before.

Kyle Williams returned after a one-game absence and immediately made his presence felt ­ ­– but you already knew what a gamer he is.

In short, we did not learn anything about the Bills that we didn’t already know. They simply beat an inferior opponent, which also shouldn’t be a surprise. Their season has been defined not by the ability to beat the teams behind them in the standings, but rather the inability to defeat those ahead of them.

As for the Browns, goodness gracious, that really is one deep rebuild they’re going through. Watching Robert Griffin III is downright depressing.

Sunday amounted to a glorified preseason game, complete with the requisite number of fans in the stands. The next time we can draw any meaningful conclusions about something the Bills do on the field will come in the 2017 season opener.

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