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Insta-Graham: If you don't read this Bills-Browns recap, then you will regret it forever

The aimless Buffalo Bills beat the winless Cleveland Browns, 33-13.

The game was hollow, and nobody will ever Google to find this quick recap. Bills fans might glance at this on Sunday. Then my typing will be forgotten forever.

Sad, really.

So to give a poor article life beyond Sunday, I am going to overload it with search terms that will cause people to click on it.

Let's mention Patrick Kane and Lou Gramm right at the top. Good times.

Did O.J. Simpson do it? Keep reading for conclusive evidence -- if you dare.

This probably is the first time Doug Marrone, "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and Chance the Rapper have appeared in the same sentence.

Imma toss in some references to Negan, deadly clown sightings, Slender Man, "Making a Murderer" and Shawn Mendes.


Let's acknowledge the new law firm of Bieber, Cena, Sia and Vader while we're at it. And then there is Van Halen's reunion with David Lee Roth and Khloe Kardashian's engagement to Roblox.

Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt.

LeBron James traded to the Golden State Warriors? Not if that Samsung Galaxy phone explodes first!

Lady Gaga.

So many deaths in 2016: Prince, Muhammad Ali, Alan Thicke, Fidel Castro, Abe Vigoda, Glen Frey, Florence Henderson, Arnold Palmer, Gene Wilder, John Glenn, David Bowie ...

I'm going to make sure Russia sees this post by mentioning Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin together. Hillary Clinton needs an appearance along with, oh, Pokemon Go.


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