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Vic Carucci's Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

(Through Thursday’s game. Last week’s ranking in parentheses)


  1. New England Patriots. Take away his best weapons, and Tom Brady is still the best. (2)


  1. Kansas City Chiefs. If these guys end up with home-field advantage in the postseason, watch out! (3)


  1. Dallas Cowboys. Now, the questions are bubbling about whether Dak Prescott can take this team the distance. (1)


  1. Oakland Raiders. You have to wonder just how good the Raiders can be with their quarterback’s finger issue. (4)


  1. Detroit Lions. See above. (5)


  1. Atlanta Falcons. Let’s see how this team is able to overcome Julio Jones’ toe injury. (8)


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers. After four straight wins, the Steelers are officially back on track as a Super Bowl contender. (9)


  1. New York Giants. These guys are only going to go as far as their defense takes them, because their offense is terrible. (10)


  1. Denver Broncos. With that defense and playing at home, the Broncos figure to make things very difficult for the Patriots. (6)


  1. Baltimore Ravens. The defense is still legit. (7)


  1. Seattle Seahawks. After throwing five picks at Green Bay, Russell Wilson looked more like Russell Wilson vs. the Rams. (11)


  1. Miami Dolphins. Matt Moore might not represent all that much of a downgrade. (12)


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. These guys could be dangerous in the playoffs. (14)


  1. Green Bay Packers. Brett Favre says his former team will win the NFC. (15)


  1. Minnesota Vikings. It has been a wild ride for the Vikings, and it still could continue into the postseason. (20)


  1. Washington Redskins. Is their offense good enough to let them sneak into the postseason? (13)


  1. Tennessee Titans. You have to be impressed with what Mike Mularkey has done with these guys. (26)


  1. Cincinnati Bengals. You know these guys are going to get chippy in their second go-around with the Steelers. (17)


  1. Buffalo Bills. Trampled under Le’Veon Bell’s foot. (16)


  1. Philadelphia Eagles. The season of early promise keeps unraveling. (18)


  1. Arizona Cardinals. What a disappointment. (19)


  1. San Diego Chargers. Don’t be surprised if they give the Raiders a tough time. (21)


  1. Houston Texans. The Texans aren’t very good, but the Jaguars are much worse. (22)


  1. Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton’s sore shoulder could bring plenty of pain to the Panthers Monday night. (23)


  1. New Orleans Saints. David Johnson figures to give their defense major problems. (24)


  1. Indianapolis Colts. Looks like the head coach and GM could be out of work soon. (25)


  1. Los Angeles Rams. Great idea firing the head coach with barely any time to prepare the next game. (27)


  1. Chicago Bears. Apparently, there will be bare-armed Bears in Sunday’s bitter cold in Chicago. (28)


  1. New York Jets. Bryce Petty still has to make a believer out of Brandon Marshall. (29)


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars. Blake Bortles knows that, when you throw as many pick-sixes as he does, you’ve got to become a better tackler. (30)


  1. San Francisco 49ers. Everything about this team is really bad and it’s hard to see how it will get better. (31)


32. Cleveland Browns. Counting the days until the horror stops … at least for this season. (32)

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