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Letter: The media, News have been trying to ‘normalize’ Trump

The media, News have been trying to ‘normalize’ Trump

After giving Donald Trump more free publicity than any other potential presidential candidate, now many in the news media are seeking to “normalize” Trump and his transition team.

A recent column by News political reporter Bob McCarthy went well beyond this trend when he took it into his head to compare Trump to Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt was a soldier, conservationist and progressive reformer. He published numerous well-researched books and was considered a fine historian. As president, he brought 44 antitrust suits, and he was responsible for the Pure Food and Drug Act. He created national parks and monuments and put more than 200 million acres of land under government protection.

Trump, on the other hand, is the antithesis of a conservationist, choosing a man to lead the Environmental Protection Agency who is not only an outspoken climate change denier but vehemently against environmental regulations. This president-elect has chosen a man who is anti-gay, anti-immigrant and has a history of racism to be attorney general. His choice for the Department of Labor has spoken out against paid sick leave and opposes increasing the federal minimum wage.

Ignoring CIA intelligence that Russia was actively involved in tilting the election toward Trump, an unprecedented development in American politics, McCarthy instead concentrated on happy hearsay talk from the deplorable Carl Paladino. McCarthy offered no dissent, and no discussion, giving Paladino a complete pass.

Barbara Jezioro


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