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Letter: Return Christmas lights to the Elmwood Village

Return Christmas lights to the Elmwood Village

Last night I took a walk down Elmwood Avenue, and I noticed that there are no little white holiday lights in the trees this year. What happened to them all? Elmwood looks very dark at 5 in the afternoon and far less festive than previous years. With no tree lights, it lacks the continuity of marking the length of the Elmwood Village shopping district and takes away some of the charm from the street and the holiday season.

They helped light the street during the dark winter months, added some security and defined where the shopping district is along the whole length of the avenue. So what happened? Why would we want to stop this after so many years?

What can be done to return this tradition of decorations for the trees? How hard can this be? Is this a project that can be best organized by the City of Buffalo in cooperation with National Grid and the merchants in the Elmwood Village to revive and maintain this tradition? I miss the little white lights – they are classic, simple and special. The Elmwood Village has lost a little bit of Christmas magic this year.

Bill Wisniewski


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