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Letter: County dollars should not fund ads in order to hail Uber

County dollars should not fund ads in order to hail Uber

Why is Erie County marketing Uber and Lyft? Uber doesn’t need corporate welfare. It is currently operating on a billion-dollar deficit. Like the Airbnb and GrubHub, these online companies have found a way to exploit independent contractors and skirt governmental regulations.

Uber and Lyft will put more cars on the road while the revenues flow out of Buffalo to San Francisco. Drivers will love the independence and large checks until they figure out their taxes at the end of the year. As independent contractors, the burden of the ride-hailing business will be on their shoulders.

Buffalo’s public transportation stinks. Uber and Lyft are not going to make the transportation better. More cars equal more traffic, and everyone who’s ever lived in a boom town knows, with economic growth comes traffic. A better use of $100,000 of public funds would be added bus service on the East Side. The $100,000 could fund one of these 43North Wunderkids to build a mobile phone app that streamlines cab-hailing. It’s not Uber and Lyft that Buffalo wants or needs, it’s convenient, clean, efficient transportation.

Rebecca Reilly


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