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Letter: Chason project will enhance the Elmwood Village fabric

Chason project will enhance the Elmwood Village fabric

Having attended several public forums on the topic of the proposed condominium development for the corner of Elmwood and Forest, I have this observation.

We can be proud of how our community has conducted itself during this emotionally charged process dealing with courtesy, transparency and respect for the opinions of others.

Let’s start with Chason Affinity; we can commend the Chason management team and their architectural firm for their professionalism and ongoing efforts to accommodate the wishes of the community. We should commend our city planning department for providing structure and leadership in guiding the process towards its legitimate conclusion.

Our politicians have conducted themselves admirably by engaging with the community and taking a stand on a controversial issue. Our civic activists deserve commendation for articulating difficult issues and exhibiting camaraderie motivated by impassioned belief.

We need to be thankful for the presence of all of our neighbors, whether vocal or silent for their concern for our collective future. I for one support this project because I believe this corner has been holding the neighborhood back. As our city continues with its resurgence, the proposed Chason condominium project will significantly enhance the entrance to the Elmwood Village.

It is people and architecture that make our community great. This development is a step forward.

Adrian Dedecker III


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