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Letter: Trump has fooled millions into thinking he’s qualified

Trump has fooled millions into thinking he’s qualified

What amazes me when I read the deplorable Donald Trump comments is that these people don’t seem to understand that they have been duped. Trump is a narcissistic con artist who has fooled these people into thinking he is qualified for the most difficult job in the world. How can they not see that he is a prevaricating, misogynistic, vulgar, bigoted and selfish man? Are they blind?

Trump will lead a minority government. Hillary Clinton has received 2.7 million more votes than this charlatan. This means that there are more people against him than for him. How will he govern when over 2 million people are against everything he stands for?

The election of Trump will be the greatest tragedy for the United States since George W. Bush’s Iraq War. We should be ashamed.

Jim Banko


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