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Letter: Supporters don’t realize how dangerous Trump is

Supporters don’t realize how dangerous Trump is

Last Sunday, I had to read the letter, “It’s great to finally see a true patriot elected,” four times to make sure of what the writer was stating.

I cannot fathom the ideas that go through his supporters’ minds to come up with these absurd claims. President-elect Donald Trump has nothing to do with being a true patriot. His relationship with Russia, which by the way is our country’s greatest enemy, and tacit approval of its interference in our recent election is not defensible by any sane person.

His open criticism of the CIA offends both political parties. These men and women are true patriots, risking their lives in ways that the public will never know or appreciate.

The majority of his Cabinet appointees are fellow billionaires with zero experience in what they are being appointed to. His prospective attorney general is a man who could not even get approved as a federal judge and is on record for denying women’s right to control their bodies and health care.

The current president has not enacted any laws restricting our rights under the First and Second Amendments and has fought terrorism throughout the world. He helped bring back the economy from its greatest crisis since the Depression.

To paraphrase the late H.L. Mencken, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” Unfortunately for the United States, it is so true.

Mark A. Muchowski

Orchard Park

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