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Letter: Smart investing can move us to a climate-safe future

Smart investing can move us to a climate-safe future

As an upstate New York native (Plattsburgh), I applaud the Dec. 9 editorial, “Business world has begun preparing for the coming effects of climate change.” This insightful analysis from The News underscores the fact that while the reality of climate change is clear, the cost of our nation’s failure to invest in climate change solutions is only increasing.

The editorial makes the critical point that “industries, including coal, oil, agriculture and utilities, are starting to account for potential future costs of a changed climate. But real estate is especially exposed, as rising seas and intensifying storm surges change the calculations of property owners and the real estate companies that trade in them.”

Right now, far too many New York State families are living with the consequences that our failure to take action on climate change has created. The good news, though, is that clean, affordable renewables have the potential to bring people from all economic backgrounds much-needed, high-paying clean energy jobs, while protecting the state from the increasing human health and financial costs of climate change and extreme weather.

Market realities are moving the United States away from the polluting fossil fuels heating our planet. Smart investments can move us to a climate-safe future – swiftly, safely and affordably.

Dan Tefft

CEO, Clime-IT

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