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Letter: Officials must address dangerous intersection

Officials must address dangerous intersection

Having lived in the area for over nine years, I feel qualified to address the problems related to the stretch of Niagara Falls Boulevard north of Route 290, where many fatalities have occurred in recent years. As I see it, the problem is twofold.

The signals at the intersections are interminably long, even during morning rush hours. I access the intersection with Edward White Drive daily and have seen numerous pedestrians crossing against the light after waiting and pushing the signal change button several times.

The second issue is the speed at which drivers proceed on Niagara Falls Boulevard and, more importantly, the fact that every single day one, two or even three cars run the light after it has changed to red.

I am aware of this and always wait several seconds or more before starting my turn, but again, I have seen numerous “near misses” when a car starts to turn onto the boulevard and an oncoming car runs the light. To me it is a wonder there have not been far more accidents.

I feel this problem is complicated by the fact that the Edward White side is Amherst and, across the boulevard, Vinson is the Town of Tonawanda. There needs to be an unmarked car stationed in the plazas at this intersection to ticket drivers who run the light. In addition, changes need to be made to the length of time between signal changes.

Ruth E. Sommer


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