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Letter: Obama’s performance has been disappointing

Obama’s performance has been disappointing

A recent letter writer will miss President Obama’s “grace, ethics and wisdom.” Sounds like she is praising a matinee idol. He is the leader of the free world. But our allies have been totally disappointed in his performance. Obama has used such a soft touch that the South Pacific nations have become wary of their relationship with the United States, watching China lay claim to important shipping lanes. The Baltic states of Europe do not want to be annexed by Russia. But who is there to stop them? Should we mention Syria and Israel, too?

On the home front, Obama has raised the national debt to a level more than all the previous presidents combined. He has created a way for college loans to easily be forgiven and circumvented Congress on many laws that should be approved by Congress, contrary to our Constitution.

Donald Trump voters are hopeful he will allow repatriated corporate money to return to the United States without taxation; to lower and simplify the tax rate for businesses and individuals. No need to go any further. Ask any small business owner (the largest U.S. employer) what he/she likes about Trump’s message. Investors, too, are optimistic!

Anthony F. Frandina


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