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Letter: Christians should offer peace, love to Muslims

Christians should offer peace, love to Muslims

The Christmas season is here and hopefully, in the midst of the hustle of getting ready for Dec. 25, we remember that Christmas is a time of peace and love. With that thought in mind, let us Christians extend a hand of friendship to the Muslim community.

It seems that every time there is a terrorist act of violence, we judge and condemn the whole of the Muslim congregation. We never point out when murderers or rapists are Christians. Of course terrorism is a horrible thing, but we should not brand all Muslims for the acts of a few.

Christians, Christmas should remind us of Jesus. God loves all of us – Christians, Muslims, Hindus, atheists – all of us. How do we know this? Remember the scene where Jesus, a Jew, was speaking to the Samaritan woman by the well, even though the Jews reviled the Samaritans because they were not taken into captivity like the Jews. Jesus had no qualms about reaching out to someone of a foreign religion.

We Christians sometimes dismiss Muslim women because they cover their heads. Have we forgotten that nuns cover their heads? Often we judge Muslim men who wear a head covering. Look at the sacred head covering that our beloved Pope Francis wears on special occasions. Why do some Christians look down on religious groups because they have different customs?

It is appropriate that Christians approach Muslims with understanding and prayers for their safety in a time when bigotry against them is rampant. If we believe that Christmas is a time of love and peace, we should extend these virtues to all of our brothers and sisters.

Jean M. Lichtenthal


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