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Bills OC Anthony Lynn: 'People take advantage of' Rooney Rule

NFL teams are required to interview at least one minority candidate when hiring for a head coach or for senior football operations positions. It's known as the Rooney Rule, after Steelers chairman Dan Rooney.

Bills offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn has interviewed for head coaching positions in the past and is rumored to be a popular candidate for the openings that will come up this year, including the open Los Angeles job.

But asked about the Rooney Rule Thursday, Lynn, who is black, said he is against it because "sometimes people do that to check the box."

"I don’t agree with that," he said. "I know last year, I wouldn’t even go to an interview until they interviewed a minority for that reason. So it has its pros and cons. If I didn’t do the interview in New York, maybe my name wouldn’t be circling right now, I don’t know. But I think it’s good to get in front of the decision makers, let them hear what you have to say – but at the same time, I think some people take advantage of it. I’m not for it. Hire the best man for the job. That’s all I want."

Lynn added that the criteria used to hire head coaches is "jacked up."

"You can coordinate an offense or defense; that doesn’t make you a great head coach, or a good head coach," he said. "And I think that’s pretty obvious. With firing six or seven coaches a year or so, obviously the criteria is a little jacked up right now."

Lynn has interviewed for jobs with the Jets, Dolphins and 49ers. Being a head coach is something he'd like to achieve.

"Sure, that’s something I hope to pursue one day – and maybe after the season, I don’t know," he said. "But right now, if we don’t take care of these next three opponents, those opportunities may be limited."

Quarterback Tyrod Taylor was asked Wednesday what qualities would make Lynn a good head coach.

"He’s a great person, first and foremost," Taylor said. "But as far as coaching, he has a lot of knowledge of the game, has played it, has been in multiple offenses, has been around a bunch of great coaches, and just his confidence. When it’s time for him to speak, and when he’s talking to the team — I think he did it two weeks ago or three weeks ago — he had a great speech the night before the game in the team hotel.

"Just the type of person he is, he’s definitely capable of the job, and I’m pretty sure opportunities are definitely going to come for him. I mean, that’s a good thing and I’m happy for him as well."

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