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Sammy Watkins will have second surgery if foot is 'tweaking or hurting'; wants to play in Buffalo 'forever'

After Sammy Watkins went on injured reserve before Week Four, he reportedly flew to North Carolina to meet with a specialist, Dr. Robert Anderson.

Dr. Anderson's recommendation was no surgery, which is why Watkins was able return this season. But there was always the possibility he could need another procedure in the offseason.

Watkins was asked on Wednesday what he thought about that.

"Right now I'm feeling really good. Some of the things I couldn't do, I'm doing now," he said. "It's really up to me. If I feel like I don't need a second surgery, I'm not going to get it. If I do, if it starts tweaking or hurting, then I'm going to get it. I think that's best. But for right now I feel really good."

Watkins has played 25, 49 and 49 snaps in his three games since coming off injured reserve, even though offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn said he still has a broken bone in his foot. Watkins said he will continue to play injured even though the Bills are all but eliminated from the playoffs.

One other interesting thing Watkins said Wednesday: He wants to play in Buffalo forever.

Asked if players talk about a potential coaching change, Watkins said they did, but added he wouldn't want to go through a rebuild: "And for me, it's like, I'm going to be here – trying to be here forever. So I'm not trying to start over a whole team."


"This one of the teams I always wanted to be with, the team I like. So I'm going to sell out no matter what," Watkins said. (He used the phrase "sell out" several times Wednesday, seemingly to mean the same as "show out," which would be slang for doing a good job, not using it to mean a betrayal.)

"I want to be here for the long run. I want to win, I want a championship," he continued. "So for me, (I need to) prepare myself that way. And when it's time we do start to win – because it's going to happen – I gotta prepare for it. We gotta get the right mindset around here and change the culture."

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